Missional Families.

W H A T  A R E   M I S S I O N A L   F A M I L I E S ?

It's been said that, "The church is not a building, but a family." And that "God is building this family rather than a temple made of brick." It's "a temple with new hearts. And the cement is the freedom He makes available to all!" 

We believe that if people have repeated opportunities to engage with the freedom of Jesus in the context of a family that's daily enjoying and living it out together, that’s an opportunity to be changed forever.

Missional Families are communities of people living as family together, in the freedom Jesus makes available through following Him. Our Missional Families are the vehicle by which we seek to drive Jesus’ message of freedom in each pocket of our neighborhood and city. While every Missional Family looks different and is made up of different types of people, the common denominator in each is a hunger for following Jesus, sharing life together, encouraging one another in the Gospel and seeing those with whom we live, work and play engage with Jesus!


W H A T  D O  M I S S I O N A L  F A M I L I E S  D O ?

At the core of the disciple-making movements seen throughout history, we find not specific ministry programs or values, but rather a collection of practices intentionally lived out by various communities. After all, what we do shows what we truly value.

Each Hub Missional Family covenants together to a set of 4 key practices, which in being directly rooted in the "Great Commission," give us opportunity and handles for truly living as family in the freedom of Jesus together. We call it “Life in 4 Practices.”

If you'd like to know more about these practices or how to connect to a Missional Family that integrates into the normal, everyday rhythms of your life, please email info@HubChurchBoston.com.