Our Story. 

A Network of communities who are living as Family in the Freedom of Jesus, we call Missional Families.

In late 2013, a group of families and young professionals prayerfully relocated together to one of Boston’s most historic, influential and rapidly-growing neighborhoods, South Boston. The strategic nature of the neighborhood, strong sense of community present there, and a desire to see the good news of Jesus come alive in “Southie”, helped drive the relocation.

When God called these families and individuals to plant their lives in South Boston, the call came with an expectation that growth would be slow and deeply relational. For the duration of 2013 and 2014, this small community looked to serve the neighborhood by “being the church,” rather than just "attending church." The conviction was and continues to be that the freedom & family Jesus makes available to all who’ll follow Him, is most enjoyed when first experienced.

By 2015 the original community had grown and multiplied into smaller expressions of the church, we now call Missional Families. In Mid-September 2015, Hub Church launched it's first, weekly Sunday Gathering with the formal commissioning of two Missional Families.

We are often reminded that it is God who's at work in our lives and the lives of those in our great neighborhood and city. He has graciously invited us to find true freedom & family through following Him. Our passion is to help any who are willing, do the same along with us!

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